Nom Cat v2.0 is out!

Hello Lucky Kat fans! We worked hard on it, but it's finally here: Nom Cat v2.0! We did some tweaks, added a ton of new cats and loads of new features. Here's a list of the biggest changes:

Old titlescreen...

Old titlescreen...

New titlescreen!

New titlescreen!


The first thing you'll notice in Nom Cat is the title screen. We removed the first cat selection screen, so you're able to jump right into the action by pressing the play button. There's 2 new buttons in the titlescreen that do some cool things:


The left button is the button for a new game mode: Turbo! Click it and you'll see the word TURBO appear. This game mode is for the Nom Cat experts! Are you ready for even faster fish and bombs?! Here's a tip: get good at this game mode, because there's some really awesome stuff you can unlock by getting a high score!

New Backgrounds

Yup, there's 5 beautiful new backgrounds to choose from! You can get into the background selection through the button on the right. You can unlock all of these with goldfish except for the space background. This one you have to get with a high score in Turbo mode. Trust us, it's really worth it!

Multiple Cats

Finally! You can select 2 different cats to play with. It's very easy: pick the one you want on the left and then pick the one you want on the right. You can also use the random button to let the game choose cats.

Note: since you can pick 2 cats now, we split up Venus/Roo and Oskar/Klaus. If you purchased these cats before, the seperate cats are unlocked automatically!

Other additions and tweaks

A couple more things you should know about:

  • We balanced out the gold fish
  • Nom Slots won't appear automatically anymore, you can select the Nom Slots minigame during the score screen
  • The Lucky Kat intro is skippable now by tapping
  • Share screenshots more easily! When you share your score, a screenshot is added to your message. And, a new cat might appear if you share... (note: this feature will follow on Android soon!)
  • The late Colonel Meow is in Nom Cat. He was an extraordinary cat with an amazing fur, check him out on Facebook!
  • A cat from Slamdovia enters the ring: Wrassling Cat!

Phew, that's quite some features, huh?
But that's not all folks. One more thing...

Play Grumpy Cat®, Nyan Cat® and Keyboard Cat®!

That's right, internet's most famous cats have joined Nom Cat! And best of all: they're unlockable with gold fish! This is the first time in history that these three cats appear in a single game! You'll definitely want to unlock these them. Funny things will happen when you play as these cats ;)

What are you waiting for? Download the update!