Super Bunny World


Super Bunny World, the sequel to Super Bunny Land allows you to control a cute new bunny. With all new controls and extra fun gameplay, you'll be running and stomping in Super Bunny World for hours! Can you collect the most coins? Play for free on iPhone, Android or on your browser!


  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Retro 16 bit graphics and music
  • Endless fun with procedurally generated levels
  • Compare your highscores with leaderboards (Gamecenter, GooglePlay, Facebook)
  • 10 achievements to unlock
Not nearly as derivative as it first appears, this is a game that seamlessly combines various retro games with contemporary smartphone gameplay styles to create something new, and flirtatiously fun - 8/10
— Pocketgamer
If you are interested in trying out a mixture of platformer and endless game that is interesting, Super Bunny World is an alternative of Mario Bros, in which gets my recognition as a fun game
— GamesInAsia

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