Welcome to the Lucky Kat Javascript tutorial. This tutorial focuses on programming in Javascript for games. Contrary to most Javascript tutorials, it does not cover HTML and CSS, since the point of this tutorial is not web development. First and foremost, the tutorial will cover the basics of Javascript programming and later will cover the usage of the Bento game engine. The tutorial will only cover ES5 version of JavaScript.

It is assumed you have a basic understanding of programming concepts. If you already have JS knowledge, I hope this still serves as a nice refreshment of your current knowledge.

The topics for Javascript programming covered in this tutorial are:

  • Types and variables
  • Functions
  • Pass by value or reference
  • Scope and hoisting
  • Closures
  • The Factory design pattern

This seems like a pretty short list (at least I hope it does). I’m trying write the shortest tutorial possible and avoid several difficult concepts.

The topics that are not covered are:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Prototype design pattern
  • The 'this' keyword

It’s usually standard to explain OOP, prototype and ‘this’ in JS. However, it is not mandatory to make full use of the language. And since ‘this’ is one of the most difficult concepts in JS, we’ll be able to go over the tutorial more quickly.